Remembering Peg Wallace
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Cindy Larom, Rapid City, SD, April 16th, 2008 8:19 pm, United States of America toggle

Oh Peg,

I just found out about your passing and I have cried buckets of tears and also have had many smiles remembering you. Growing up in Annapolis I was so lucky to know you during my childhood from weekend sailing trips on our family's Bristol to visits to your lovely Victorian house. I remember visiting the garden you said just grew no matter what you did and the tours you gave of your house. Every item there always had a wonderful, personal story.

You were always a lighthouse of love and warmth - a constant, shiny, beautiful, bubbly presence loved by all. During stormy times that my family weathered, you were also a beacon of light guiding us to rescue, warmth and shelter - giving us advice if we wanted it but always, always sharing your love any time (night or day) that we needed you. Somehow, even during those hard times for us, there would be something witty or humorous said by you and we would all bubble with needed laughter, lightening our load. What a generous soul you are.

As an adult, I was honored to be a friend of yours. I always looked forward to and enjoyed visiting you when I traveled back to Eastport from the other coast and now the midwest. I will miss your lovely smile, husky voice and wonderful hugs. You have and always will be an inspiration to me. I know that with your influence I am on a better path in this life because I shared a portion of it with you. In that higher place where you are now, I know you are still doling out the love and laughs to all.

Much, Much Love,
Cindy Larom

P.S. to Chris, Thank-you for providing this forum for us all to share our memories and love for you Mom. I know you know this, but she mentioned you and the rest of your family often when we talked and loved you all very much.

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