Remembering Peg Wallace
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Janet Hannsz, Queenstown, Maryland, April 7th, 2008 7:07 am, United States of America toggle

In 1975 I signed on as a RE agent at Chris Coile and Asso. on General's Hwy..(office closed years ago).

In a few years I decided to change companies and went with Robert Giddings..then near the Annapolis Market House. It was there in Annapolis that I remember meeting struck me then that she was such a humble, kind lady, with a quick was not until after I met her that I was told she was Chris Coile's mother..I was stunned in a way, as during those years, Chris was the real king of real estate in the area. She was always so down to earth and ready to lend a hand..not long after getting my license, I was a divorced, single mom raising a child on my own; I certainly admire Peg and have enjoyed all the postings to this site..she was truly a grand lady.

Chris, I know you know how lucky you were to have such a fine person for a mother..

Janet Hannsz, Long & Foster, Kent Island

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