Remembering Peg Wallace
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Jane McWilliams, Annapolis, March 29th, 2008 5:15 am, United States of America toggle

The Peg Wallace I knew loved history. She was a keen and careful observer of the world around her, with a sensitivity to human motivation and its consequences. We talked often about the history of the city that I've been working on for so long, and I valued her insight and memory. Peg told great stories about her early years in Annapolis, about Eastport, about development and redevelopment. She knew everyone.

She told me I needed to finish the book soon so she could read it. But I haven't, and I am so sorry. Two days after her death I found a caller ID on my phone saying "Peg Wallace." There was no message.

I suspect she will be looking over my shoulder now as I write. I hope she likes it.

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