Remembering Peg Wallace
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Carolyn Mathias, Severna Park, MD, March 28th, 2008 1:43 pm, United States of America toggle

Peg lived from the heart. Her warmth and instant rapport blessed everyone who knew her. She was just so natural and unpretentious... full of life, love, energy, humor and fun. The signature quality of Peg was the way she treated everyone like family and made each person feel special. She lived the Golden Rule.

These are distinguishing characteristics of her family also. Peg and her family have an extremely positive spirit that lightens and inspires everyone that knows them. They are selfless, humble, giving, caring. They have the utmost integrity. Now combine that with all their talent, creativity, leadership, energy, and achievements--and it is easy to understand how Peg and her family have had such impact on the community and on all the lives they touch.

I thought it was interesting that when we all read that wonderful tribute to Peg this past Saturday...that it happened to be the day before Easter. The Easter message of continuous life was just right there for us... instantly present... to strengthen and assure us that beautiful Peg is simply continuing on her life journey into more light, love and happiness. Peg would have wanted Easter and its message to have coincided with her give us added comfort and assurance that she is doing absolutely beautifully. Somehow the timing of all that seems more than mere coincidence.
Carolyn Mathias

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