Remembering Peg Wallace
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Carol D. Barrett, San Gabriel, CA, March 27th, 2008 9:00 pm, United States of America toggle

A quick story that helps to illustrate the kind of friend Peg was.

One night in Eastport, I heard noises downstairs. Husband Gary was out of town, and our two little boys were fast asleep. I went down the stairs, wearing a red flannel nightgown, to find the source of the noise: two burglars who were busying carrying things out of my house. They were as surprised as I. They ran away and after dealing with the police, I was alone and terrified having been warned by the cops that the burglars were likely to return for the rest of their loot. So, after midnight, I called friend Peg who promptly showed up with an old shotgun (no shells, of course) and a bottle of Kaluha. She sat with me in our living room (shotgun across her lap in case we had to threaten returning thieves)for hours while we drank and I calmed down. There are not many folks who will show up in the middle of the night when called. Peg would, and did!

Peg was fond, in a calm and restrained way, of my husband Gary and each year would send him a Christmas gift. The theme was established very early -- the ugliest teapot she could find. And over the years, there were some true beauties. Husband Gary was sometimes rendered speechless at the sight of the current year's find -- camel, poodle, deer -- and they occupy a place of honor in our kitchen. Guests often notice them and don't know how to respond to the quirky collection. Do we think they are pretty? Are we devoid of all taste and sense? It provides an opportunity to tell our Texas friends about the wonderful lady from Annapolis and her fabulous sense of humor.

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