Remembering Peg Wallace
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Buck and Marsha Buchanan, Annapolis, March 23rd, 2008 8:36 am, United States of America toggle

We first met Peg about 12 years ago when we moved to Annapolis. She sold us a condo. Then she sold us a house. We found out she was a great real estate salesperson!!

As we got to know her, we learned what a committed person she was. She was completely committed to her Annapolis Eastport community, to her friends, and most importantly, to the concept of equality of all people. She worked passionately and tirelessly for the clauses of equality for women and equality for the races.

Later, I learned how dedicated she was to building the Eastport Historical Society that became the Annapolis Maritime Museum. Her commitments were supported by her indomitable determination. Once she started, she never quit. She started building the Museum from a tiny beginning but never lost her determination to preserve the heritage of Eastport, its watermen, and its populace. Her vision of the Museum's potential benefit to the community never even faltered when Hurricane Isabel damaged the McNasby Oyster Company plant which is to be the Museum's permanent home. To her last days she encouraged and pushed us to get the building repaired and open to the public.

When I took over the Chairman's job from Peg several years ago, I learned what a person of vision she was. While she continued to push the project as she had always pushed it, she domonstrated the ability to understand and accept new ideas. She was not stuck in the past, but enthusiastically welcoming to new long as they did not violate her principles of equality and community. And she did it all with a rare and irreverent sense of humor. She could laugh at life and inspire us to do the same.

I guess that's the point: she inspired us all to work hard for the things she felt important. She was a real leader - willing to get into the trenches and urging us to follow. We all respected her committment, her friendship, and her humor, and we wanted to get into the trenches with her to the end.

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